Meet Anna Leitschuh

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir


Anna is a water resources specialist that started work at Collective Water Resources in May of 2016. She migrated to Florida from her home state of Oregon where she received her Bachelor of Science in Ecological Engineering from Oregon State University.  Her degree program focused on cultivating a sustainable and beneficial relationship between human activity and the environment by promoting diversity, resilience, and adaptation in the system.  Anna is excited to be working for a company that works to apply these principles in the real world.

Previously, Anna worked on stream and wetland engineering and restoration in Portland, Oregon.  Through this work she developed a diverse set of technical skills in topographic surveying, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analyses, CAD drafting, GIS, permitting, preparing engineering design documents, and providing construction support.  These experiences created a foundation for her understanding of the engineering design process and a better understanding of how to utilize the dynamic nature of the natural environment.

Anna enjoys being active outside, which she balances with her love of cooking, baking, and eating. In Oregon, she enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing, and flailing around in the water trying to learn how to windsurf – usually followed by some delicious food and beer. Now that she is in Florida, she plans to use her flailing skills towards new a water sport.

Contact Anna at:

561-713-1320 or at

Anna works out of our Lake Worth Office:

8461 Lake Worth Road

Suite 231

Lake Worth, Florida 33467